Thursday, April 30, 2009

OK so u guys are probably are wondering why i haven't been on here or made any post lately.. Well I'm going to tell you why. Just remember I'm a girl and i love to shop,i am sporty i play softball, love to talk and hang out with my friends, and most of all always studying. To keep me on track and stay posting i will be number one having a new poll every week. And I think it will be fun listening to your funny stories so i will want to hear those.
Ok now to change the subject a litle Im asking if you visit this blog to visit This family is relly going through a lot for the past 10 months and i would be so happy if you would pray for them. After you read their story you will know why.If you want to see a pic of her there is one on an older post.
And one last time to change the subject a little bit more i have a teacher who is realy funny and i will have some wierd polls coming just for